White Oak Presbyterian Church

6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir, Mississauga, ON L5N 2W7

I came across a copy of my baptismal certificate the other day. I couldn't make out the name of the minister who baptized me and, as far as I know, our paths never crossed again. It is highly improbable that he ever knew that I also became a minister, but you never really know, do you? A few months ago, a woman sat outside our sanctuary door, beside the water fountain, waiting for our service to end and for everyone to leave, waiting until I was free. We sat in the narthex together and chatted. She told her story, and I listened. Oh, I've heard all the stories: my welfare check is late this month; I've no money to buy food; my husband's been laid off from work; I just got out of Milton Jail and need to get to Halifax ...... I've heard it all. The lady needed bus fare to get to Peterborough.

White Oak Presbyterian Church - 6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir, Mississauga ON

Installée au 6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir dans la ville de Mississauga, Ontario, White Oak Presbyterian Church est un marchand dans la section églises & autres lieux de culte du répertoire en ligne Canpages.ca.

Téléphonez au 905-821-2753 pour rejoindre White Oak Presbyterian Church, qui est une compagnie se trouvant à proximité.

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Heures d’ouverture

Pour plus de détails, veuillez nous contacter au 905-821-2753.