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Ayre & Oxford Inc

300-10707 100 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 3M1
1.0 out of 5

Ayre & Oxford Inc. is a Professional Real Estate Management Company employing 163 people and managing 142 buildings in Alberta. The Company is owned and operated by the Management Team. Whether you are looking to rent a property, or you are seeking a reputable company to manage your rental property, Ayre & Oxford is right for you! Ayre & Oxford is ranked A+ by the Canada Better Business Bureau.

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Ayre & Oxford Inc - Details

Whether you are looking to rent a property, or you are seeking a reputable company to manage your rental property, Ayre & Oxford is right for you!

Opening Hours

Monday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Products and Services

  • Real Estate Management
  • Property Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Apartment Rentals
  • Townhouse Rentals
  • Rental Property Management
  • High-rise Rentals
  • Walk-ups Rentals
  • Commercial Management
  • Professional Property Management
  • Home-resident Associations Management

Methods of Payment

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cash
  • Interac
  • American Express

Languages Spoken

  • English


Ayre & Oxford Inc - Reviews (5)

1 out of 5
Listen to me. Please.
Changed RMs three times, hid the fact that there were bedbugs on my floor.. refused to answer maintenance calls, didn't acknowledge that I gave notice on December 31 that I was leaving and now they're going to collections but have yet to contact me personally once despite having my number, they called my dad. Then when he called back, no answer. Forget about your DD because the property was in shambles and touching anything will make it crumble. If you're a masochist this company is great.
By JackiJ646067, May 19, 2017
1 out of 5
Categorically The Worst Management Company Available
500 characters is about one fourth the about of space required to effective communicate how poor this company is run and structured. The one and only aspect of my building that I absolutely despise is the management company. I have no idea how this company is still in business, and I will never, ever, buy a condo again because it incites the opportunity to be lichened to companies such as Ayre and Oxford.
By CanadianSoldier, July 23, 2016
1 out of 5
This company deserves the worst rating ever! The most incompetent and inefficient organization I have ever seen. Except you must deal with these guys, please stay away. I will not recommend their serves to even my worst enemy. Please stay away.
By StevenB947660, May 9, 2016
1 out of 5
Most incompetent ...
Most incompetent management group I have ever dealt with. Have left countless voicemails to which I have rarely gotten a response. Rarely able to get an agent in person to talk to. One of the exterior windows in my condo shattered in February to which they said they would promptly get a replacement. Obviously never got any updates and never received the window. In June, after calling them countless times, they responded by saying that it was my responsibility to get the window replaced whic
By kingankur, July 3, 2015
1 out of 5
Avoid this compan...
Avoid this company. Since this property management company took over from the builder, it has been a HUGE hassle to get anything done. Took them half a year to get a parking enforcement company to removed an abandoned car in our parking lot. This winter, the snow clearing company they hired piled the snow in visitor parking and Ayre & Oxford refuses to have it removed. Our already limited visitor parking has lost about 75% of the parking stalls. Horrible horrible company.
By JaskarnS310, January 18, 2015