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More Accurate Seed CountsOver the last decade, LEHLE SEEDS has focused on optimizing our growing conditions for Arabidopsis. As a of our efforts, our mean seed size and weight has increased. However, increases in the seed weight reduces the seed count per gram. Thus, the traditional rule of thumb value of 50,000 Arabidopsis seeds per gram does not reflect the seeds we are producing now. As such, I have decided that our seed labels going forward will report seed counts based on samples containing 500 or more Arabidopsis seeds. Fred Lehle, Ph.D.New Item Cat. No. DV30 Precision Swiss Clamping Tweezers for crossing ArabidopsisCat. No. DV30 Precision Swiss Clamping Tweezers for Crossing Arabidopsis flowersLEHLE SEEDS is happy to announce that we have added a new item to our catalog Cat. no. DV30 is a Precision Swiss Clamping Tweezers selected by LEHLE SEEDS for crossing Arabidopsis flowers. These unique tweezers are made by Rubis of Switzerland, a firm internationally recognized for their award winning designs and craftsmanship.

Rubisdesign - 360A, ch Saint-Louis, Beauharnois, QC

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