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The majority of roofing contractors typically include new construction, remodeling and re-roofing in their repertoire. All of these services take a roof from one stage, to that of a new roof. Customers expect a leak-free roof for 15 to 30 years. Reasonable? We think so. So why are there so many leaking roofs? Reasons for this might be poor attention to detail or outright apathy for anything but the final paycheck. Now we don’t claim to be perfect, but because we do not install new roofs in any way, we are not causing the leaks. Those who are installing the new roofs are responsible for any leaks that may occur. If you look at other roofing companies in the market, all will offer roof repairs. However, we are the only roofing contractor doing only roof repairs, period. Do you want a company that created the condition in your roof causing leakage, to repair your roof? Really!!

Roof Repairs Only Inc - 1543 Keele St, York, ON

Roof Repairs Only provides excellent quality & reasonable rates. Free estimates. Residential, Commercial & Industrial Roofing, all types of shingles, fully licensed & Insured. Call Us Today

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