The Daggerwing Group

425 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3C1

The Daggerwing Group, operating in New York and Toronto, is an applied marketing consultancy within Omnicom Group (NYSE-OMC). Since 1999, Daggerwing has helped senior executives from many leading global brands make decisions, set priorities and take action to significantly change, improve or fix how the total enterprise engages with its customers.Daggerwing believes the achievement of corporate goals for any company is directly linked to the behavior of its customers. When more customers take more desired action, the result is typically more revenue, more market share and more brand value.What impacts customer behavior? Every direct and indirect interaction a customer has with a company and its brand from initial awareness, to purchase and beyond. This extends beyond the influence of traditional customer-centric departments such as brand management, marketing, advertising and sales promotion. In fact, engagement with customers is influenced by all kinds of functions and departments in a client's organization including product development, finance, and operations.

The Daggerwing Group - 425 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON

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