Bikram Yoga

1911 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H3

Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute class, practicing 26 postures and two breathing exercises. It is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Each posture stretches and strengthens specific muscles, ligaments and joints needed for the next posture. The Bikram method also stimulates the organs, glands and nerves, moving fresh oxygenated blood to 100 percent of the body, restoring all systems to a healthy working order.This 90 minute program was scientifically designed to deliver total health through the balancing and strengthening of every system in the body in order to prevent illness, injury and limit the negative effects of aging. Bikram yoga is a very effective form of exercise for weight loss, the average students burns anywhere from 600-1100 calories per class depending on your activity level. In addition to the tremendous physical benefits, the series of postures combine skills of concentration, patience, determination and self-control, which lead to increased mental clarity, reduced stress and self confidence

Bikram Yoga - 1911 Queen St E, Toronto, ON

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