Barrett Tax Law

181 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5H 3M7

Barrett Tax Law - 181 University Avenue, Toronto, ON

Situated at 181 University Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Barrett Tax Law is a merchant included in the lawyers section of online directory.

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Please call 416-907-8429 for opening hours.

Barrett Tax Law - Reviews (4)

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Saved me a fortune
By yppearll, January 22, 2013
I had a very significant problem with Revenue Canada which has been plaguing me for many years. I hired another lawyer before Barrett, but they did not achieve anything. Barrett Tax Law saved me close to half a million dollars. No regrets. I would recommend them to anybody who has an issue with the CRA. Wow! Thanks again!
The Worst - Complete Betrayal
By Zachar, December 9, 2012
They could not have messed up so badly without it being deliberate. I believe they tried to make work for themselves by creating bigger problems for me. I succeeded in my Tax Amnesty application by going around them and dealing directly with the CRA. These people will not meet with you face to face. They have no office where you can go to meet them. They operate like con men. You end up dealing with "assistants" who are not lawyers and only by email or phone. Look out!
Saved over $50,000
By NikkiB1, March 21, 2012
The CRA had made huge errors in my audit. I hired Barrett Tax Law to assist me with the post audit, and they were able to save me over $50,000. Money well spent! Thanks Dale. I will recommend you to my friends.
By markusnf, June 29, 2011
Overall a terrible experience. The service is nothing like what's described during the consultation. Once you've paid you are passed off to an assistant who you have to email several times to get answers to any kind of question. They say they are going to help you with all kinds of things but all they really do is fill out a government form for you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE.