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Supporting and Managing Staffing Solutions is a temporary agency that specializes in staffing supports in the social services sector. With a pool of qualified CYW, SSW, PSW and related fields, we strive to help fill the gap in staffing needs. Contract and/or last minute requests are accepted. We have a 98% coverage rate within 2 hours of a shift. We provide 1:1 shifts as well and respite services. We primarily focus in residential treatment homes, group homes, shelters, DS homes, senior homes, young offender homes, foster home supports and school supports. We also provide cleaning and cooking partnerships in related environments.

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  • Supporting And Managing Staffing Solutions

Products and Services

  • Temporary Staffing Agency
  • Respite
  • School 1:1 Staffing
  • Foster Home Supports
  • Shelter Supports
  • Residential Treatment Homes
  • Residential Grouphomes
  • Young Offender Homes

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