SipSaferTM/MC is a trademark for the water test kit family of products. This trademark belongs to Advanced Hi-Tech Centre Ltd. This company was founded in 2017 and has been providing quality water test kits to the public ever since. We are a small business that strongly believes you have the right to know if there is something in your water. Whether you are travelling, or you are under a boil advisory, want to enjoy the beach, we are here to tell you if the water is safe or not. We want you to enjoy your life, have peace of mind and never ruin your vacation because of these problems.

SipSafer - ON

We will tell you if your water is safe.. or not!

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Products and Services

  • Water Purifier
  • Water Filtration System
  • Water Test Kit
  • Residential Water Filter
  • Shower Filter
  • Camping Filter
  • Personal Air Purifier
  • Water Quality Kit
  • Ecoli Test Kit
  • Bacteria Test Kit
  • Well Water Test
  • Water Test

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