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First Choice Haircutters

100 Pembroke St E, Pembroke, ON K8A 8A3
1.0 out of 5
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Please call 613-732-3302 for opening hours.


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1 out of 5
Last Choice Hair Cutters!
I went here to get my bangs trimmed a few weeks ago and ended up shocked by my appearance in the mirror when I finally took a good look at myself! I'd gotten my bangs not far from there at Cut Rite in December and the hairdresser there did a really great job with my trim and bangs, but I paid about twenty dollars, more than I usually pay for my hair cuts.... I went to First Choice to get quick and cheap service without the need to call for an appointment. They'd been pretty good in the past, but this last time the hairdresser actually cut two very noticeable chunks out of my bangs. One in the middle and one on my left side. I have to try to blow dry and comb it a certain way so it doesn't show. What's worse is that she'd been going on the whole time she cut my hair about how "unbelievable" she thought the people who waited so long to get their bangs cut were. It was so annoying! Hey, I'm a college student: I don't have all the time and money in the world to be constantly getting my bangs cut, but now I'll have to stretch my wallet a bit more to afford a better hair salon!
By emie94, March 13, 2014