Framing And Art Centre

1069 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6E 2H6

Whether it's original art,something of sentiment or of historical value, all are investments worth of the finest in custom, creative and conservation framing. With over 25 years of absolute satisfaction, Framing and art centre will take your framing project and turn it into a masterpiece that can be enjoyed for generations to come.You can always expect professional service, quality materials, creative advise and exquisite craftsmanship, all backed by our Absolute satisfaction guarantee. Our conservation framing standards are used to protect and preserve our valuable investments. We use acid free mat boards,pockets, closures, pressure boards and backings. Our framing experts provide distinctive and endless solutions with selection, themes as well as arrangements.

Framing And Art Centre - 1069 Wellington Rd, London, ON

Opening Hours

Please call 519-668-0007 for opening hours.