Marlie Inc

7-120 Lancing Dr, Hamilton, ON L8W 3A1

With millions of batteries currently going into landfills, or being eliminated through incineration, there is a real need for a more effective, less environmentally harmful method of recycling dry cell batteries. The DCBR-50K system from Marlie Inc. has an extremely small carbon footprint, and will recycle alkaline, nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries, recovers 93% of all battery components and sorts them for reuse. The recovered MicroNutrients (zinc / manganese and potassium) are used by the agricultural industry in fertilizers; the steel is reused in the manufacture of new products such as cars and trucks. This patented, environmentally-friendly Marlie process will eliminate the need to landfill or incinerate dry cell batteries, and will do so for literally pennies a pound.

Marlie Inc - 7-120 Lancing Dr, Hamilton, ON

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Monday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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  • Battery Recycling
  • Environmentally-Friendly Battery Recycling
  • A Dry Cell Battery Recycling System With The Small
  • MicroNutrients
  • Agricultural Industry I
  • Patented, Environmentally-friendly Marlie Process
  • Recycle 93% Of Battery Components
  • Small Products With Large Impact

Products and Services

  • Battery Recycling
  • Alkaline
  • Nickel
  • Metal Hydride
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • DCBR-50K
  • Recycling Technology
  • Micronutrients

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  • Cash

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  • DCBR-50K Thermal Mechanical Hybrid System
  • The Battery Dis-Assembly Line

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