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Green Acres Family Restaurant

1554 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, ON L2A 5P1
4.0 out of 5

Green Acres is one of Fort Erie's oldest and most famous restaurants, offering great food, friendly service, and outstanding value for over 40 years. We cater to the whole family and offer great deals for kids. Take-out is available - we're known for our fish and chips! We accept reservations, are wheelchair accessible, and have plenty of parking on-site. We are also happy to accommodate parties and events!

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Green Acres Family Restaurant - Details

Green Acres Family Restaurant has been serving up delicious food since 1961. Ranked as one of the best restaurants in Fort Erie. Why not try us for our fresh Fish and Chips. Call us today!

Opening Hours

Monday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
We Are Temporarily Closed For The Season, Reopening The Week Of February 14th.


  • Homemade Pies
  • Fish & Chips
  • Comfort Foods
  • Affordable Family Dining

Products and Services

  • Roast Beef
  • Roast Turkey
  • Take Out Orders Available
  • Homemade Pies
  • Fish & Chips
  • Cheesecakes
  • Daily Lunch Specials
  • Dinner Specials
  • Baby Back Ribs

Methods of Payment

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cash
  • Interac

Languages Spoken

  • English

Cuisine Type

  • American Cuisine


  • Family


  • Comfort Food
  • Fish & Chips


  • $11 ... $25

Restaurant Type

  • Family Restaurant


Green Acres Family Restaurant - Reviews (25)

2 out of 5
Good Food/Worst Service
So we came to the restaurant (there are 4 of us) and it was something that we haven't been for a long time. Everything was going fine, until my sister called and said that she was coming. The server was so rude and she was not pleased to know that my sister and her bf was going to join us. She was also asking if she was in town, on her way, etc., which I think it was none of her business. She kept on insisting that they were closing since it's quiet, etc. We got our food, and it was ok... just a bit greasy. Then our server kept on insisting on the people just came in that they were going to close any minute, and she was starting to get furious. I even heard her say "Look at all these people" when she passed by me and saw more people. She should have been happy that there were customers that came. Because of this, I'm not too sure of coming back. It was ok until it lasted to today.
By Restaurantica12, April 4, 2013
5 out of 5
Good Friday Family Tradition!
Green Acres is a family tradition for the last ten years. Each Good Friday and a handful of times throughout the year we travel from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Fort Erie for the sole purpose of eating their fish and chips. The service is always fantastic and the food reasonably priced and excellent. We'll be visiting again this Good Friday and my stomach is already grumbling. My only complaint is that the fish and chips is so good, I never order anything else on the menu. Never-the-less, other family members have and swear by the taste and massive portions.
By Restaurantica12, March 23, 2013
4 out of 5
Great food/service
This restaurant was recommended by several people, so my sister and I decided to check it out for lunch. We stopped for gas and asked the attendant if he ate there and he told us we would not be disappointed and we sure were not. The place is old but I liked it because it feels homey and its a great conversation piece as there were many pics/plaques on the walls. The service was great from the time we walked in until we left. The food was worth the drive from The Falls. I would highly recommend the beef barley soup, never had soup like that before and I sure will order it when my sister and I return with our families.
By Restaurantica12, November 10, 2012
1 out of 5
I agree with RobM on this page. Read his it makes me giggle. Sorry...It's just not a great place to eat people. My husband use to eat there when he was a kid and remembered that as good.( probably because he got a chocolate milk shake). We went there not long ago and it just wasn't the same. Old ,dirty, dusty and just Yucky. We had the famous fish and chips. They tasted funny from the start. I couldn't even finish mine. My husband Finished HIS but lets just say HE PAID Twice For His FISH (he got sick people).
By Restaurantica12, August 6, 2012
5 out of 5
Green Acres Restaurant #1
My Best Meal at Green Acres is the Turkey Dinner and the Beef Barley Soup with Unsweeten Ice Tea.But be ready for big portions of Great Food and Friendly Servers and try the Rice Pudding.
By DennyBoy, December 15, 2011
3 out of 5
great sized servings
We've ate here many times. It's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and for a couple of months in the winter. If you get there at supper hour, you might have to wait from 20 min.-1 hour so be prepared. The staff are nice and work hard. They also have 2 sides not advertised-peaches and pickled beets. No baked potatoes at lunch. Lots of good food there but their spaghetti is not to our liking.
By Restaurantica12, June 29, 2011
5 out of 5
Favourite Restaurant, by far
I'd first like to mention that anyone that comes in this place and doesn't have the food experience of their lifetime is seriously disturbed. I have never eaten at a place where I can order SPAGHETTI as a SIDE!! For anyone that's a big eater, this is your place to be. I would definitely classify myself as a big eater, and this is actually my favourite restaurant. My boyfriend took my here for valentines day and I couldnt have asked for anything better! We came out of there eating enough food for at least 4 people for $12 a person, after taxes. The service was FAST and the food was actually to die for. It's like going to your grandmother's house for dinner except 50 times better. I've been several times but the most recent time was this past valentines day. My boyfriend has the one piece fish dinner (the one piece was enough, believe me!) with mashed potatoes and the house salad as sides. I had the open faced turkey sandwich which came with homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce AS WELL AS two more sides. I chose the salad and the spaghetti. I have never eaten so much food in my entire life, I couldn't stop eating it was so delicious. I ate the ENTIRE thing. It was disgusting how much I ate really.. but that isn't the point. The server seemed to be impressed at how well we did with our plates as most people that come in can barely even get to their sides after their gargantuan entrees. Everytime I come here my stomach and I are both VERY satisfied with everything. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING family dining!
By Restaurantica12, February 20, 2011
3 out of 5
Comfort food
Don't go in expecting gourmet, high class food. Its just simple good comfort food. I love the roast beef and chicken parm. Decently priced. However service can be a little bit slow. The decor does need a bit of an update. Whenever My boyfriend and I are in the mood for huge portions of good simple comfort food we always go there.
By Restaurantica12, February 18, 2011
4 out of 5
Family Favourite
I have been going to this family establishment since I was about 10 years old and now bring my son and husband with me. We enjoy the food and wonderfully kitschy atmosphere......brings back great memories! The wait can be long sometimes since they did away with reservations but we don't mind! I hope Mr. Coates the owner never closes is a part of many of our lives and wonderful memories! Our families favourite comfort food restaurant! Keep up the good work Mr. Coates!
By Restaurantica12, November 5, 2010
4 out of 5
Green Acres is the place to be
I have been going to Green Acres since I was only 2 weeks old. 21 years later and it is still a personal favourite. Their Fish'n'Chips are the BEST I have ever had. Other GREAT notables are their ENORMOUS Roast Beef, Chicken Parmeagan and Turkey anything. The portions are GINORMOUS!!! In all the years I have been going there, I have never been able to finish a plate, nevermind get to dessert. With the size of the portions, one would think it is expensive. It's quite the opposite. Green Acres is fairly inexpensive compared to others. I alway recommend this restaurant when anyone asks about restaurants in Fort Erie
By Restaurantica12, July 28, 2010
3 out of 5
This restaurant seems to specialise in "comfort food". The decor appears to be from the early 1970s and could do with an update. I would advise diners to check restaurant hours before going here as often they close at times other restaurants do not. The portions are large which can be good or bad depending on your perspective and appetite. I would say the restaurant is on the higher end of the 11-25 dollar bracket; maybe a bit pricey for what's being offered, all considered. The food was good. Grilled fish should be offered as an option here. It's healthier.
By Restaurantica12, June 21, 2010
4 out of 5
90% of reviewers RECOMMEND Green Acres! And there's a reason why! It's just plain good family dining. Yes, often you will wait, especially on weekends. But the wait is worth it. The food is not cuisine, but down home family style CANADIAN comfort foods. The portions are HUGE, too much, really. Their pies are fantastic! Any meal chosen will be a winner although I do like their fish & chips! I have never waited more than 15 min for a table on weekends and most other times the wait is a few minutes or immediate seating. I would concur with the previous reviewer that you wait a lot, however, for me it's perfect. If I wanted fast food, I would go down the street to one of the fast food places that offer pre-processed food at cuisine pricing. Green Acres food is always FRESH. The staff are great! The decor has not changed in years but who cares, it's one of the things that makes it memorable and knowing that I'm in for another relaxing evening of dining on my schedule, not anybody else's. BTW, a side note...I know the previous reviewer and ironically they dine at Green Acres regularly and I have yet to see any of them walk away and not finish ALL of their meals. Interesting...
By Restaurantica12, November 1, 2009
3 out of 5
Not a fan
after waiting- 45mins. for a table -10mins. for a menu -10mins. for drinks -25mins. for food -10mins. for check -5mins. for change We (wife and I) realized that the poorly made food that was a giant heap of flavourless beef,overcooked,mushy vegatables,a small,overbattered peice of fish,presented on a crisp bed of multicoloured french fries,(not fresh)and instant potatoes were made for seniors with only half their teeth and zero taste buds left. Yet. Hence,the place was packed with seniors, who all seemed to be thrilled with their take-out containers.I guess to some, the value is in the quantity. We waited far too long for "hospital food". My wife commented "they might not all have been seniors when they arrived,but the wait...
By Restaurantica12, October 30, 2008
5 out of 5
Amazing Food, Scary Decor
The food at Green Acres is great. The fish is the best I have ever had and the portions of meat on the sandwiches are enormous. We have been known to get a roast beef sandiwch to go and then buy rolls on the way home as there is easily enough meat on one to feed 2-3 people. The decor is dated. Really dated. Like my grannys basement dated. Lots of weird plates and pictures with some kind of hobo/clown and huge 60s light fixtures. But who cares? The food is what we come for, and the freaky decor is just something you have to put up with (or make fun of) to get to the good stuff. If you come for supper, expect a wait. The fact that you have to wait should tell you how popular the place is with us locals. Lunch on the other hand has the same menu, same huge portions and no wait. My only critique about the food is that they dont make fresh cut fries (frozen only) and/or fresh bread rather than the oftentimes stale dinner roll. Aside from that, you cant go wrong for the price.
By Restaurantica12, October 11, 2008
3 out of 5
This was our first time there. We went on a...
This was our first time there. We went on a Saturday around 6-6:30pm. Sat at the small bar area and stood outside for about an hour , hour and a half. After asking several different staff at the door when we would be seated. They told us a party was already finished with their take out containers done, but could not make them leave. That was about 45 minutes into our wait time. Finally we were seated, our waitress was not very attentive. She took our drink order, returned with 4 drinks but then it took another 10 minutes for the milkshakes. Then she finally came back to take our order. She started and got about 4 of us done then she rushed off to the kitchen to get another table their food order. She returned about 10 min later. The time now was almost 8pm, she finally returned with "sorry about that where did I leave off?" We finally got our food, we had to ask any passing waitress if they could get us some ketchup and napkins, because we couldnt find our waitress. She only returned near the end of our meal to then ask us if we wanted something else to drink. Which we replied no as the meal was almost done. We could not find her when it came time to pay, so we went up to the cash area and paid, and we told a gentlemen we assumed was a manager of sort, that the service was horrible, he apologized. We finally left the restaurant at 9:20pm, we were the last ones to leave yet people were seated way after our party. The food itself was extremely good.. Maybe the waitress was new?? We will be back I am sure as we live locally. Hopefully to a much more attentive waitress.
By Restaurantica12, September 4, 2008
3 out of 5
Very Dissapointing
I remember coming here as a child and loving it so we came here after a recent trip to Canada and was very dissapointed. The waitress was extremely rude and unattentive and never bothered to check on us after the food came. We waited for 25 minutes just to get a refill and a takeout container. The portions were good, but the food came out luke warm and the dinner rolls were stale. I would not make the trip back here again.
By Restaurantica12, August 24, 2008
5 out of 5
Best in Fort Erie
Very busy but always friendly, everything on the menu is good ,large portions but doggy bags are the norm. the fish and chips are the best anywere.They even do take out . The coconut cream pie is exerlent too!
By Restaurantica12, August 8, 2008
5 out of 5
By Restaurantica12, July 27, 2008
4 out of 5
Good Food / Great Place
Every year we vacation at Crystal Beach and we always drive to this resturant. The food is home cooking comfort food and yes the portions are huge. We always have left overs for the late evening when we are relaxing at the cottage. Mind you, we always order the same thing every year so we haven't tried everything on the menu. The staff is always friendly and attentive. The best value for your money. We always look forward every summer.
By Restaurantica12, July 24, 2008
4 out of 5
Just like home cooking
Althought the mushroom soup was not up to standard, (too thick and floury, and a weird butter flavor) everything else made up for it and then some. The mashed potatoes tasted real, like mom's and the fresh baked squash was done perfectly. The ribs were amazing. I'll be eating here a lot. What a shame it's closed in the winter.
By Restaurantica12, June 29, 2008
5 out of 5
best fish and chips ever
First time in Fort Erie, this restaurant is enough to make us come back. Have fished for years and had many fish fry. Nothing like this place. Best ever. Large portions, great friendly service and great price. Will tell everyone in Stoney Creek about this place.
By Restaurantica12, June 22, 2008
5 out of 5
Thier food is always amazing! They are closed in the winter that is why it seems like there is no set hours. As well as , they are closed on Mondays just to let you know. They are so welcoming and have such a great way of handling the crowds, they let you know how long it's gonna be for a wait with no bull or runaround. We usually call in and order a pickup to bring home, which only actually takes around 30 minutes (as long as a pizza!) Well worth it :)
By Restaurantica12, May 23, 2008
5 out of 5
i love this place i wish they were open all year...
i love this place i wish they were open all year long. if u want to call and make reservations. the staff was awesome and so is the food the best place in all of canada and buffalo thanks keep up the good work
By Restaurantica12, April 25, 2008
2 out of 5
I'm afraid that the portion sizes were huge, the...
I'm afraid that the portion sizes were huge, the fish & chips horrible, the chicken tasted so strange - came with some gross stuffing. Garden salad was iceberg & tasteless. Wine & beer were fine. Service a bit slow, but they were busy. We would never go back. Drove for over 1/2 hour for horrible food. We must have completely different tastes than anyone else.
By Restaurantica12, November 24, 2007
5 out of 5
Hey Green should be open all year...
Hey Green should be open all year long!! It's not fancy but the price is right and the food is great!! We make special trips from Buffalo just to eat there!!
By Restaurantica12, October 24, 2007