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Authentic Cuba Travel is a full service travel agency based in Toronto, Canada that organizes cultural, educational and adventure tours for schools, NGOs, business and community groups. Even though each year nearly 2 million tourists travel to Cuba, they hardly have the chance to get to know the authentic Cuba that lies beyond the confines of all-inclusive full-packed tourist resorts. Once back home, those travellers realize they have hardly "travelled" to Cuba. It might have been a nice and low cost package vacation from the cold weather, but they do not know much about Cuba's culture and its people. Authentic Cuba Travel votes for a different kind of tourism for those travellers who demand more from their vacations. With over 40 fully escorted Cuba tours announced for 2014, ranging from educational and cultural to arts and architecture and festivals and events, Authentic Cuba Travel captures the Cuban identity that defines the island as a unique Caribbean nation.

Bella Travel Group Ltd. - 2275 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Etobicoke, ON

Take the time to look through the large selection of thematic authentic Cuba tours we offer and we are sure you’ll understand why Authentic Cuba Travel is your gateway into the authentic Cuba.

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