Built By Brian

3204 New Street, Burlington, ON L7N 1M8

This could get long. I’ll try to keep it entertaining. I’m a Pisces, and a lefty. If my parents were hippies, or I’d grown up an orphan, I might have completed the childhood beginnings trifecta of “artist”. In school, I played trumpet from Grade 7 to 13 and guitar at home. I dug music early on and the guitar helped get me into college for Recording Engineering. That course included a Friday morning (7 AM) Basic Electronics class. Ouch. All this time I’m growing more and more gear obsessed, whether it’s buying new pedals, fixing old ones, or constantly searching for the best amps and guitars. This activity continues to evolve as my gear acquisitions continue to expand.

Built By Brian - 3204 New Street, Burlington, ON

REPAIRS-Nonfunctioning pedals aren’t even good as door stops. Let me help get any of your gear back working like it’s intended. CUSTOM BUILDS/MODS- Rehousing, True bypassing, Status LED’s.

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