Friends Sweet Restaurant

860 North Park Dr, Brampton, ON L6S 4N5

Friends Sweet Restaurant welcomes you to their establishment. This eatery features curry for less than $10. They are open after-hours all week and are easily reachable by car. Payments by American Express, MasterCard and Visa are recognized.

Friends Sweet Restaurant - 860 North Park Dr, Brampton, ON

Located at 860 North Park Dr in Brampton, Ontario, Friends Sweet Restaurant is a local business in the restaurants category of Canpages website.

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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Tuesday 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Wednesday 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Thursday 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Friday 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Sunday 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Methods of Payment

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Languages Spoken

  • English

Cuisine Type

  • Indian


  • Curry


  • < $10


Friends Sweet Restaurant - Reviews (3)

Unfriendly friends.
By Restaurantica12, April 27, 2011
The only reason I would come here is because of its location. The food is great, if you don't mind being OVERCHARGED on Samosa's. A lady working here had the audacity to charge things like this: 3 samosas = 1 dollar 1 sauce 1 Samosa = 50 cents no sauce 3 samosas - 50 cents each if I dine IN. 1 sauce Keep in mind that even if you order 9 samosas you still only get 1 sauce, same goes for twelve. The only way to get around this is to go with REAL FRIENDS who don't want to take your money and order separately to get 1 sauce per three (Which is pretty small already). But when another lady was working there she didn't charge us a sitting fee. what is this? The last time I went here she tried to charge me 50 cents a samosa if I didn't leave and made me tell my friend that she couldn't eat here after buying her samosas and sitting down already...even though the restaurant was completely empty and the tables look like they've been cleaned using a dirty mop with no water...the tables were always sticky. They offer free tap water in pitchers that are left out for hours at a time in the musty air, with flies and dust building up on the surface of the water. Not to mention the air is dank and suffocating; You'd think that with all the money they're stealing from the customers, they could afford proper ventilation. All in all, I think they should CHANGE MANAGEMENT, keep the chefs and take better care of the customer, instead of being cheap. Having good food isn't enough to have a good business. Lots of other similar food places to go to in Brampton now, that don't treat you like a criminal and don't make you feel like you're sitting in excrement from the unclean atmosphere.
Nice Place
By Restaurantica12, January 14, 2011
A great place to grab a quick bite or pick up a take-out. The food is good, there is a decent variety of appetizers as well as main course, which makes up for the occasional lack of hospitality. The food is definitely the selling point, even though I'd avoid the sweets.
good food, good service
By Restaurantica12, September 10, 2010
A great place to grab some Indian take-out when one does not feel like cooking. Execellent biryani. Those that believe salt is the only way to add flavour to a meal will be disappointed. It probably works well for food that's been boiled or fried way too long and now is devoid of taste. Here at Friends, spices supply the flavour. Lots of it! Lovely curries. Be sure to try the goat, it won't bite. The portions are very generous; a single order of biryani is more than a meal. Melt in your mouth bhutura and naan. Yummy samosas, the best in Brampton The sweets are also some of the best in town. Friendly service, the girls are always smiling. The seating area is comfortable, simple and clean but nothing special. The food makes up for this