WG Boltex Systems Ltd

9 Nixon, Bolton, ON L7E 1G5

Since 1983, Boltex Systems has provided refrigeration, insulation, heat and cold solutions to a number of industrial clients, including some of the nation's largest food processing and pharmaceutical companies. Our unique Fiberane jacket is ideal for these applications because the jointless construction eliminates potential breeding grounds for bacteria, providing the sanitary conditions required for food and medication handling. However, Fiberane has many properties that make it ideal in cold storage, heavy industry, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants and a variety of other settings, as well.Boltex manufactures and installs all of its own products, and our Fiberane jackets are custom moulded for a perfect fit.Phone: 905-857-58509 Nixon Road, Unit 1Bolton - Ontario

WG Boltex Systems Ltd - 9 Nixon, Bolton, ON

Located at 9 Nixon in Bolton, Ontario, WG Boltex Systems Ltd is a local business within the refrigeration services category of Canpages website.

Please call 905-857-5850 to get in contact with WG Boltex Systems Ltd that is located in your neighbourhood.

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Opening Hours

Please call 905-857-5850 for opening hours.