Huronia District Soccer Association

80 Bradford St, Barrie, ON L4N 6S7

News Release: A new book on Soccer Coaching and play has just been published.Streetwise Soccer by Huronias Technical Director Steve Payne When was the last time you saw a young child climb a tree? So much of life today is preplanned, organized and micromanaged, that we have even removed a childs freedom to play. Nowhere is that more evident than in sport. Some adults try to live their dreams through their children; but kids have dreams of their own. Children love to explore and play and we as coaches and adults must let them. Streetwise Soccer inspired by the Brazilians approach to the game is the result of 12 years of study and research. The book explains how to transfer the beauty of street soccer to the training field.All experts agree that the best training ground of all is the street. This book, endorsed by highly regarded professional players and coaches, includes games and tips that can be used by any coach at any level. Also included, are stories from Steve Paynes soccer travels around the world.

Huronia District Soccer Association - 80 Bradford St, Barrie, ON

Situated at 80 Bradford St in Barrie, Ontario, Huronia District Soccer Association is an enterprise included in the associations, clubs & organizations section of online directory.

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