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1600 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5Z2

Elemental Professional Health Centre - 1600 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB

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Elemental Professional Health Centre - Reviews (8)

By Mikkbryk, May 3, 2017
The two girls at the front are so rude. One lady came to the front counter to ask how much longer as her appointment was already behind almost a half hour. The girl was extremely rude to her and pretty much told her to sit back down. They were also make fun of patients they just got ff the phone with. They are super loud and talk to each other about personal things for everyone in the waiting room to hear. Unbelievable, terrible and unprofessional.
was injured at wo...
By TravisN765818, April 23, 2016
was injured at work and "DR" shifky only ever treated me as number on a page and give no advice of how to deal with the injury he only mention what pills would help the pain i can not be taken off his patient list if i had no doctor then at-least i would not have had false hope that he could help and not lose jobs because my back cant keep up i am 22 with only hard labor experience
My doctor is grea...
By AinsleyM333081, February 17, 2016
My doctor is great, the pharmacy staff is wonderful, but getting in touch with ANYONE is an absolute nightmare. Phone lines don't have voicemail, no way to contact anyone by email and even if you call during regular business hours good luck - they turn the out of office greeting off late every morning and early every afternoon. Want to talk to someone at 2:55pm on Wednesday? Too late. Office closes at 3:00pm so it's a phone disconnect for you! I hate to drag this place through the mud, but your phone system and lack of attention to call-in patients is horrible.
Really like my do...
By RandallS330502, January 8, 2016
Really like my doctor, Brett Schifke, however the two ladies at the front counter are very unprofessional and have an attitude that you're bothering them. Also impossible to reach on the phone, ALWAYS goes to voicemail. Unfortunately I will probably look for a new doctor because of this.
First time to be ...
By nancyyu113, October 15, 2015
First time to be at Elemental health centre to see my new family doctor. I was impressed by the brand new office. People at the front desk look very profession and young, but I was so surprised by the rudeness from those good looking front-desk people. They are not friendly and no smiles or greetings. The tone of their voice sounded so much as "why are you bothering me for this?". They insisted they are right, even found out they are wrong. Do I want to get sicker to be treated liked this?!
Love my doctor, D...
By nm802468, October 8, 2015
Love my doctor, Dr. William Schifke, but equally important are the staff members. They are always incredibly pleasant and helpful..I always receive a phone call confirming any future tests that are booked e.g. Ultrasound, CT Scan. Majority of the time, Dr. Schifke is on time and occasionally early! Easy to forgive when on occasion I have to wait - I know he is giving a patient the extra time they may need.
This place is lik...
By AlyssaGabel, July 26, 2015
This place is like a second home to me the ladies are amazingly frenzy my doctor Dr Rizk is amazing he saved my husband's life finding a cyst in his brain he is currently helping me fix my spine when no other doctor would even look at it they would say I'm to young and send me home Dr Rizk got to the root of my problems and helps in every way I highly recommended this Dr office they are all a happy bunch of people I don't even mind waiting in the waiting room because they are just so happy at the front desk.
It impossible to ...
By EvelynY832, November 3, 2014
It impossible to contact this clinic by phone. Very frustrating!!