Stockman Ceramics

1026 Topaz Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 2M4

The dichotomy of industrial and studio practices influences my work towards a modernistic view that embraces the characteristics of a handmade object.These pieces are influenced by modern and futuristic industrial designs in many areas such as architecture, furniture or automobiles. 'Wrapping Bottles', the forms that interact with each other while balancing, is derived from a futuristic design of a bluetooth ear bud.I use molds to formally ensure a sleek movement throughout each piece. This industrial process of ceramics brought into the studio helps bring a modern approach to my work.The avenue of using different surfaces evolves from my idea of the commercial production of functional ceramics resisting the handmade application. The soda fired pieces provide a unique appeal while the white glazed pieces mimic the industrial production of ceramics. I find the encounter of the two forms riveting as it changes drastically with the application of these contrasting surfaces.

Stockman Ceramics - 1026 Topaz Ave, Victoria, BC

Situated at 1026 Topaz Ave in Victoria, Stockman Ceramics is a merchant in the floor coverings - retail category of online directory.

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Opening Hours

Please call 250-217-3337 for opening hours.