Living Radiance Wellness Services

1608 Camosun St, Victoria, BC V8T 3E6

Beauty itself is not given us by anyone. Its a power we have within us from the start, a radiance inside us. - Marianne Williamson Transformational CounsellingLiving Radiance offers Transformational Counselling Sessions that will help you discover and embrace your unique gifts. This journey through life can be exciting and empowering! People of the world, its time to SHINE.Each of us is here to share our gifts and shine with radiance from the inside out. We do ourselves and our world a great disservice when we refuse to step into the life our heart desires. As a counsellor I view the places we are stuck or the crises we experience as profound opportunities for growth and change.Our daily habits and decisions are what create our future health and wellness.Our perceptions of the world dictate what we experience. Its impossible to get back a day of poor choices. It is possible, however, to heal what has happened in the past and take steps toward a radiant future. NOW is the only moment we have, and NOW is the perfect time for a vibrant life

Living Radiance Wellness Services - 1608 Camosun St, Victoria, BC

Situated at 1608 Camosun St in Victoria, British Columbia, Living Radiance Wellness Services is an enterprise included in the counselling & counsellors section of online directory.

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Please call 250-891-1817 for opening hours.