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Fabricland - Reviews (1)

I was in there ea...
By emalyemala, April 22, 2015
I was in there early this morning with my two toddlers. Two minutes in and grumpy short haired girl told me my toddler couldn't eat in there and walked off mad.... Fair enough even though it was a little peice of muffin. I was looking at fabric and finally found some that I loved... A great sales lady helped me :) Meanwhile my boys are running around playing.... Not hurting anything or anyone.... The girl helping me was really nice and just laughed saying kids are kids. Well.... I was looking around for some more fabric and and lady employee told my three year old to stop running..., I went over to him and and talked to him. Sure enough a few moments later him and his two year old brother were running laughing down the aisle. One lady at the other cutting counter and the one that had initially told him to stop running both yelled at them to stop running! I could understand if they were pulling things down or being destructive..... They are toddlers, they run and laugh and play. I should also mention.... I purposely go shopping early when the stores are some what quiet .... There were like four other people in the store.They weren't hurting anyone or anything...... Obviously these employees are just plain grumpy ! I picked up my youngest, put my items on the counter, held my three year olds hand and left the store. I will. NEVER go back there. Sometimes we need to shop with our kids.... Lots of times they won't just sit quietly in a stroller. Shame on these employees for being so grumpy and rude