Angel Accessibility Solutions Ltd

851 Viewfield Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 4V2

Angel founder George Szwender has been an accessibility advocate for people with disabilities for more than 30 years, going back to his days an undergraduate at the University of Alberta. His work and studies in outdoor recreation frequently brought him in touch with people with disabilities - a group which faced serious access restrictions to sports George was passionate about like swimming, skating, skiing - everyday activities that most of us take for granted. That early realization stayed with George as his career evolved from youth counsellor to facility manager to community program director - and planted the seeds for Angel Accessibility Solutions, which he launched in 1994. Starting with just two people, Angel grew quickly based on the many connections George had made working as an accessibility and mobility consultant in healthcare facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest. In an industry dominated by large conglomerates that frequently employ high-pressure sales tactics, George's easygoing personality and personalized approach to client service quickly won him a loyal base of repeat customers.

Angel Accessibility Solutions Ltd - 851 Viewfield Rd, Victoria, BC