WA-2 Water Co

1795 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1H6

Since 2001 WA-2! has been changing the way people drink and think about bottled water. The WA-2! Water System provides premium-quality water without ever having to replace a single bottle. A state-of-the-art purification process, the same one used by the majority of bottled water companies, purifies the water from your home or office and dispenses it through a tap or cooler. WA-2! eliminates all the hassles associated with traditional coolers, replacing them with a product superior in both concept and design. WA-2!'s owner, Glenn Bailey, co-founded one of the largest bottled water company in British Columbia in 1985. After selling the company following unprecedented growth he watched the industry evolve, all the while believing that a better way existed to access purified water without the hassles of conventional bottled water service. WA-2! developed a smaller purification system that could be installed in homes and businesses, serviced more efficiently, easier on the environment, and offered for a better price than bottled water delivery service. Today, the WA-2! team of staff and technicians have over 60 years' combined experience purifying, installing, managing, and servicing water systems throughout British Columbia. WA-2! sets an industry bar in product and service excellence. Our employees give their best and always go the extra mile to provide superior customer experiences. WA-2! Water Company Ltd. services and sells all types of water treatment equipment, including puROTwist, Pentrek, Omnipure, GE, Harmsco, Waterstone, and many others. We are proudly Canadian with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Victoria to service multiple geographic locations.

WA-2 Water Co - 1795 Powell St, Vancouver, BC

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