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4740 Joyce Ave, Powell River, BC V8A 3B6

Hugh Fraser formed Atek Hydrographic Surveys in 1981 to provide the engineering and scientific communities with precise offshore positioning and accurate bathymetric data at a reasonable cost. We have always used the highest quality custom digital survey systems. Our extensive experience allows us to focus on your requirements, by tailoring the survey to get the specific data you need, and not wasting our time and your money on data that you don't.With our highly portable automated equipment we are able adapt to the demands of almost any job, and complete surveys quickly. Atek primarily uses high accuracy optical range-azimuth positioning equipment and survey grade narrow-beam digital sounders. Data is logged on rugged field computers using custom data collection software. We use DGPS to reference data to geographic coordinate systems (if required). Our versatile survey-grade gear allows us to perform a control survey (to the millimeter) in the morning, perform a topographic survey (to the centimeter) before lunch, and then perform a bathymetric survey (to the decimeter) in the afternoon, often from the same setup.

Atek Hydrographic Surveys Ltd - 4740 Joyce Ave, Powell River, BC

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