Apple Betty's Buffet

220-32500 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4W1

Apple Betty's Buffet invites you to their establishment. They are readily accessible by public transit but also by bicycle and are positioned in an area filled with stores.

Apple Betty's Buffet - 220-32500 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC

Situated at 220-32500 South Fraser Way in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Apple Betty's Buffet is an enterprise included in the restaurants section of online directory.

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Opening Hours

Please call 604-504-1919 for opening hours.

Apple Betty's Buffet - Reviews (8)

This is not a good place to go
By Kennny, April 14, 2013
I would never feed this food to my dog I will ever think of this place again save your money and go anywhere but here
Over priced terrible food.
By Restaurantica12, October 13, 2012
This was the worste meal I've ever eaten in my life. My family of five went out to eat and it cost $70, way over priced and the food was disgusting. It all had no flavor, the desserts were stale, chicken was dried out,veggies were brown. Hopefully i dont get sick from the food. I would suggest never to eat here, hope it goes out of bussiness soon so other family dont have to waste there hard working money on this garbage.
Food poisoning
By Restaurantica12, October 13, 2012
The quality of food and service has really gone down, my husband and our two children ate there last night ,oct 12/12 today 3 out of 4 of us all have really bad cases of diarrhea . we had debated about going because we thought it had been going down hill . today for paying for it . we also used the washrooms to wash up before eating and wished we hadn't ,there gross . We will never go back to apple betty's again
Ewww I ate there!
By Restaurantica12, November 16, 2011
The food here was bland and lacking in flavour or seasoning. It is an all you can eat buffett for $11.95, I went with a friend for lunch. They charge you when you go in and I guess that is because they know if they wait until you are done you would not pay. I will never go back and actually regret wasting the time and money I spent there. I tried a few dishes only to be disgusted each time, the only thing not too bad was the fried chicken. I hoped that the dessert which looked intersting would be OK but it was a stale cupcake covered in instant pudding.
Don't eat here!
By Restaurantica12, September 2, 2011
We had not been here in years but we thought we would give it another chance...that was a mistake. The food was terrible. There was only a few items that were ok at best. As for the comments about getting sick with cramps, etc. You can have a reaction to bacteria and other causes of what we commonly call food poisoning within an hour of consuming contaminated food. Check your facts before commenting.
Don't knock it till you try it!
By Restaurantica12, September 29, 2008
I read the first review above and not to push his review to the ground, but Apple Betty's used to be called Mama Panda's and when it was it was horrible! Now with a different owner, new staff, and food that tastes great. I have to say overall this buffet is good. The food isn't as spiced as it could be, but buffet's usually aren't because not everyone likes spices (especially kids). My kids love it there. The bathrooms are always clean, well stocked. The owner learned to know us by name. My two year old runs up to the hostess and always gives her a hug. My kids love their pizza, chinese noodles and chicken. My 9 year old loves their stew and dumplings when they have it. Hubby and I are more chinese food freaks and love their salad bar which is always fresh. Best part is too their drinks come with the meal, and desserts too. The price is good and the people are friendly. As for getting sick. We never have. However we always wash our hands. I've never seen anybody use their hands to pick up the food in the trays, most of which is smoking hot and all have tongs. No matter what establishment you go to, you risk getting sick by a cook, waiter or someone who isn't as clean as they should be. At Apple Betty's the owner always walks around, checks and washes tables himself! If you want a good and clean, friendly environment, worth the price of $13 for dinner and $10 for lunch, with kids $1 per year they are. Then give it a try and ignore the bad reviews. The restaurant got bad reviews because of previous owners but so far since new owners took over it's overall GREAT!!!!
Wasn't that great
By Restaurantica12, September 11, 2008
food was cold even under warmer. Food was always empty and had to wait extened periods of time for them to be refilled. No flavor & most meat was overcooked and hard. Pop tasted like bleach, flies all around desert bar and ice cream was so soft and melting.
Food was excellent, hot and fresh. The new...
By Restaurantica12, June 13, 2008
Food was excellent, hot and fresh. The new owner/manager is excellent at his job and spends time with almost every customer who enters. he always has a new funny story and extremely pleasant to deal with. The girls who do the bussing are always smiling and friendly. Excellent establishment, best buffett I've ever been to.