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Wart Treatment Clinic - Dr Reed Hogben

315-401 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3C5
1.0 out of 5
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Please call 403-263-0661 for opening hours.

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Wart Treatment Clinic - Dr Reed Hogben - Reviews (2)

1 out of 5
I work with many ...
I work with many difficult people and manage to produce good results. I say this only to illustrate that this Doctor exceeds all my capabilities to deal with difficult people. He is rude, uncaring and finds issue with all things. Do not go to him as you only support an attitude un becoming of doctor.
By krisn925, April 10, 2015
1 out of 5
If you care about yourself, do not go there.
I went to this clinic couple days ago with common warts on my hand. I didn't expect to get my warts removed as I have tried many times with other clinics elsewhere; but I do expect to get at least an equal treatments that may not be effective again. However, the doctor there made me feel like I am so not welcomed and also I felt like he just wanted to send me away. Alright, as soon as I had four of my warts burnt, he left. I looked closely at my burnt warts. He didn't even burn on the right thing! He burnt my normal skin and just slightly touched the warts. I let the front desk tell him that I needed another burn on two of them. He came back and burnt again very quickly. I looked closely again, the burn was so deep that I started bleeding badly. I decided not to let him do anything with my hand. I came out and started purchasing the treatment he suggested. The small bottle of acid. And I asked the front desk how long I should wait till I can start washing my hand. She was like "You can wash whenever you want!". I was shocked! Most people have warts have done some search about it, if your warts get infected, it may result warts complication. They will start multiply fast. My warts were already bleeding and she was telling me that I can wash my hand whenever I want. OMG. After couple days, the burnt mark have not disappeared but new warts already started to grow. They are small but besides my old warts. I have had those old warts for over 10 years but never seen warts grown this fast. Again, if you care about yourself, and want to get rid of the warts, do not go to this clinic. Home treatment is better and if you read his notes (a piece of paper that you will get), you will realize how radiculus this thing is.
By 1q2w3e4r, July 26, 2011