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150-2525 36 Street NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 5T4
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Advance Hair & Spa - Details

Located at 150-2525 36 Street NE in Calgary, Advance Hair & Spa is a local business in the nail salons category of Canpages website.

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Please call 403-293-2179 for opening hours.

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Advance Hair & Spa - Reviews (15)

By Saraha048591, May 20, 2016
I don't see how it is possible that the lady that does the nails has a license to do so. She has been there for a while and is awful. Worst service ever. Her shellac is SO thick and peels off. I asked for 10 flowers on my daughters nails and she did "dot" flowers which my 9 year old daughter could have done herself. They also charged me a fortune for it. She clearly... CLEARLY doesnt know how to do nail art and has no business charging for it. When she wiped the gel off my daughters hands the
Avoid this place ...
By PollyB774550, August 21, 2015
Avoid this place like the plague. I went in for the special for which I received a mediocre pedi and cuts on my toes and a terrible manicure. The polish wasn't even put on close to the cuticle's so it looked grown out after it dried. I also had shellac put on my toes. Now that was the only thing done right but the 2nd nail girl had to fix the first girl's terrible job on my toes. Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!
By mrsjohnsonyyc, April 21, 2015
If I could attach photos I would. This is by far the worse manicure that I have ever received. The quality or the workmanship is subpar at best. I went in on Saturday, April 18 2015, with two of my girlfriends. To be fair the job done on my toes and the pedicure experience wasn’t terrible. The issue arose however when we got to the manicure portion of the session. I have never have been so cut in my life, very rough on my hands whilst trimming my cuticles. I asked how much the mani-pedi would
Horrible job, une...
By emilya199, October 27, 2014
Horrible job, uneven gel, uneven nails, they told me it would be 45 before and proceeded to charge me 75 without letting me know and when i showed them how uneven and bad my nails were they told me she would fix it and she said they would charge me for it and to come back.. go to a nail salon that takes pride in their salon and work. Not here.
Although the woma...
By ttsholland, August 9, 2014
Although the woman who did my mani pedi was very nice, I don't think the tools were sterilized between customers. There were cuticle bits on the scissors and pink polish on the metal cuticle pusher. I won't go back for this reason.
Deceit is their #1 Business
By bjgrosse, July 7, 2014
Went for a manicure it was: uneven, inconsistent, full of bubbles. This was blamed on me, the woman was insistent that I touched my nails. Many of my cuticles bled and have still not recovered. A girl at the shampoo station was putting cheap brands of shampoo in their salon brand bottles, so cheap and dishonest. Do not go here! You don't know what brands are actually being used since they reuse their bottles. They are unprofessional, dishonest and untrustworthy.
I moved calgary a...
By CassN286, March 15, 2014
I moved calgary about a year ago and have been searching for a new stylist. I had a really bad experience at a salon in westbrook mall before so i was box dying my hair. Ive been working in sunridge mall for a few months and heads countless good things about this salon so i decided to check it out. I went and saw Nicole for an ombre and it turned out fabulous! The price was great to. I would recomend this salon to anyone. Nicole knows what she is doing and for the first time, my hair didnt go orange! My ombre looks amazing! Thank you so much!
Brilliant, great place.
By Graham1953, January 16, 2013
This place is always fairly busy so I suspect they know what they are about. My guy is Anthony and he is the perfect stylist. I am a 58 year old guy and he washes my hair and cuts it with the absolute minimum of chit chat and always does a great job. The women that work there are stylish and sure seem to have a lot of smiling customers. The site is in a mall so parking is great and the hours are convenient and I can usually get in on a moments notice. I highly recommend this business.
Nothing but Luxury!!!
By Cellina123, July 24, 2012
My experience at Advance Hair and Spa was absolutely phenomenal! The service was great, people were so kind, and the price was very reasonable. I don't know what the people who wrote a review earlier are talking about because my hair AND nails looked amazing and I had people complementing them all the time. I am a very picky person when it comes to my looks, but I had nothing bad to say about them. When I first came in, the people were so welcoming and friendly, and then when I got my hair coloured and gel set done, I was blown away at how good everything turned out. I think the people who recommended not coming to Advance are definitely exaggerating because I loved every moment in there! I ABSOLUTELY recommend Advance Hair and Spa!
Terrible sanitation and terrible service
By Brights205, May 18, 2012
The woman who cut my hair was really rude. She had an arguement with the receptionist about not wanting to take a walk in appointment at this time in front of customers. Then she told me that my last hair cut was absolutely horrible. But what really pushe dme off the edge was that she used a BRUSH that was FULL of OTHER PEOPLE'S HAIR! on me. I was grossed out to say the least. overall the service was RUDE and the conditions UNSANITARY!
Always Amazing & Quality Work
By , May 9, 2012
I started going there by chance. Previous person had attitude, little to big for their britches. Never have I been disappointed at the quality, time consideration or professionalism of the staff. Not one nail once has fallen off, broke or been anything but spectacular & I get comments on my pretty nails. I also have changed hair salons and am now going to Advance and LOVE IT! I can have my coffee from Starbucks, relax and enjoy the service & I sometimes go clothes shopping. I am a professional and like everything this location offers, especially with my schedule. ADVANCE is Awesome!! Thank you!!
eyelash extensions
By , December 6, 2011
I had an eyelash extensions done here and had to have them removed couple days later. They were singles and flares glued, some to my eyelids and some to my lashes that were glued together in order to support the flare. They were very uncomfortable, itchy and looked kind of stupid. I asked for a natural look and the girl gave me super long extensions in the corners so it looks like my eyes shrunk. It took her 20 min to apply and then she left me in the dark room with my eyes glued together for 45 min! Without checking on me even once. DO NOT GO HERE! THEY have no clue what they are doing.
By beeeezzzy, June 29, 2011
do not come here, this was the worst place i've ever gone too and believe me i've gone to many places. I got my nails done here about two weeks ago and it was done by an old asian lady and they were fine. Weren't the best but decent. Today i go in for a fill and the lady wasn't there ... so they seated me with a guy who looked like he didn't know how to do nails. however, an hour has passed and he's still not done my fill ... let me remind you it was just a fill ! when he finished i look down and it was the worst fill i have seen in my life. never go here . i did not like anything about this experience .
Very Good Experience
By krystinat, June 23, 2011
I'm a long time customer of theirs and every experience is great. The people are nice, the salon is beautiful, and the location is very close to big stores like Zellers. They treat you great for a reasonable price.
Did you want smudges with that?
By ltruong, October 14, 2010
I've actually never gotten my hair cut here. I got my nails done, because my friend referred me here. I have been so disappointed before with the quality of service. The girl who painted my nails was clearly inexperienced. As soon as I left the nails smudged and when she tried to fix them she only made them worst. Worst experience ever.