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Pizza Pizza

1B-8601 Warden Avenue, Markham, ON L3R 0B5   Directions
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Please call 416-967-1111 for opening hours.


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Pizza Pizza: Drop off an Old Cell Phone, Ink Cartridge or Other Small Electronic + Get a Free Slice

We see this offer every year from Pizza Pizza and it's back again! Drop off any old ink cartridge, cell phone or other small electronic device at Pizza Pizza and you'll get a free slice of pizza in return. Most people have a couple of old cell phones, empty ink cartridges or other out of date electronics hanging around the house and among the various recycling options for them, well, this is the only one we've come across that involves pizza. The phones are processed for parts and the proceeds are donated to Children's Miracle Network.

Among the acceptable items to bring in are cameras, adapters, tablets, iPods, ink cartridges and mobile phones.

To find the Pizza Pizza nearest you, use this page. Please note that not every location will be taking part in this promo.

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Posted: 2014-04-02  | Expires: 2014-05-01
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Pizza Pizza Date Night Deal: Medium Pizza, Two Toppings + 2 for 1 Cineplex Movie Admission $10.99

Here's a nice deal Date Night Deal from Pizza Pizza -- but don't worry, no actual dating is required. Right now you can get a medium pizza with two toppings plus a voucher for two-for-one admission to Cineplex Movie Theatres for just $10.99.

With movie tickets running easily $10 each, this deal works out really well if you've been planning to head to the movies with the a friend -- basically, you're getting the pizza for free! If you have a larger appetite, you can grab the Twin Medium deal -- it's two medium pizzas with a total of four toppings, four cans of soda and the same voucher for two-for-one CIneplex admission for $17.99. Or you can get Dinner & a Movie -- one pizza of any size (small, medium or large), three toppings and three cans of soda plus the movie voucher for $14.99.

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Posted: 2014-02-13
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Pizza Pizza Loyalty Program: Get 10% Back On Every Purchase

Pizza Pizza has just launched a loyalty program called Club 11-11, and if you're a regular pizza-eater, it's worth checking out! Here's how it works -- you'll collect 10% on every walk-in or pick-up transaction and every eleventh purchase, you can cash out your "Earned Dough" on a purchase.

There's one catch to the program -- you have to have a Pizza Pizza gift card in order to register. That gift card will be tied to your account and accumulate your cash back, although when you're making purchases you can use any form of payment.

To find the Pizza Pizza nearest you, use this page.

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Posted: 2013-08-30
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