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Centre Flavie-laurent Inc

450 Provencher Blvd, Saint Boniface, MB

Flavie Laurent was born in Montreal in 1832. At the age of 16, she enters the order of the Sisters of Charity of Montreal (Grey Nuns) and two years later, in 1850, she arrives in Manitoba. For the next 75 years she is totally dedicated to helping the poor in Manitoba. At her death in 1925, at the age of 93, we find the following testimony to her work in the French newspaper La Liberté :'Sister Laurent will be forever remembered by the parishioners of St. Boniface... she was a friend to the poor, a consoler to the afflicted, a support to the weak... she was not indifferent to the suffering of others... no one knows and no one will ever know the magnitude of the works of mercy accomplished by this noble and distinguished woman in the tradition of charity and devotion exemplified by the Grey Nuns in this country'.

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