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Columbo's Taverna

777 Goldstream Ave, Victoria, BC V9B 2X4   Directions
3.0 out of 5
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Columbo's Taverna - Reviews (5)

4 out of 5
Good food
Excellent food, good portions and good service. Impressed.
By Vkdanes, February 11, 2012
1 out of 5
Horrible Business.
whoever is running this business is a bad business owner. What ever happened to accommodating the customer? I ordered my food at 5:07pm, I didn't receive it until 6:45pm. I got the wrong order. I phoned back and the person on the phone that took my order argued with me about what I ordered. She was trying to tell me what I ordered, but I think I would know what I ordered and want I want. She argued with me about for a bit about it, then I asked to speak to her manager, he/she wouldn't talk to me, receptionist gets back on the phone and says " I am sending the driver back to your house to pick up the food that you don't want, and we will give you your money back only for the item that you didn't want" I waited nearly 2 hours in the first place for my food, it was cold by the time I got it, WAY OVER PRICED!!!!! and the manager sends back driver to pick up the food that I didn't want. Driver comes back at 7:45, for nearly 3 hours of my time I had to deal with this place. Very Annoying!!!! For 2 hours of waiting, a screwed up order, cold food. I paid just over $60. A good business owner would have rein burst for the entire meal. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE!!! I don't generally complain or even write reviews but this place is absolutely ridiculous!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. THIS PLACE SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN PERMANENTLY!!!
By DonnaD7, November 14, 2011
5 out of 5
Great food
I have to say that I'm very impressed with this restaurant. This is my second time eating from the restaurant and I can honestly say that this is one of the best Greek restaurants I've been to. Me and my girlfriend shared the Zeus Plate and she agreed that it was delicious. The other time I ordered pizza and it was gourmet. (The pizza was a tad pricey)
By Arty1, July 13, 2010
1 out of 5
Celiac Beware
I am still bloated and in pain from trusting the staff at Columbo's Taverna. I spelled out GLUTEN FREE on the order. I asked twice about the potato, and did not touch it until the kitchen confirmed that it was ok. The waitress returned to tell me that indeed there was a problem with the potato. And then the manager told me that it was only a small amount of wheat in the chicken broth used to cook the potato. Too late for me. I had been fooled by the fact that one member of staff did appear to realize the importance of my dietary restrictions. This is not a budget restaurant and I chose it because I believed that I could trust the staff. To give them credit, they did tell me as soon as they realized their mistake, But the manager appeared insincere in his explaination and apology. And charged me full price for our meal....$87. I will not be returning to Columbos Taverna.
By jtee, April 6, 2010
5 out of 5
I'm so
went there tonight and it was so good !! it the second time for me eating there and both time were good but the waiteris (Kim A) this time was awesome and she also was very good with my kids. It been a long time since I've been realy happy with the service I've received from other places and I will recomend this restaurant to my friends. Thank you KIM A for the awsome service !!!! :)
By Restaurantica12, August 26, 2008